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Virginia Registered Agent

Virginia Registered Agent Service For $49

We are a real registered agent service in Virginia. We charge a flat $49 for 1 year of registered agent service. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be logged into your online account and have all the necessary forms pre-populated with our Virginia registered agent information on them and ready to file anytime. Our service also includes an entire online presence for your business, with a domain, website, email, SSL, and Virginia phone number with virtual phone service. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have what you need, and understand what to do with it.

What is a Virginia Registered Agent?

A Virginia Registered Agent is a person or company appointed to accept legal documents and official notices from the Commonwealth of Virginia on your business’s behalf during normal business hours (9am – 5pm). Legal documents received by the registered agent can include Service of Process (such as summons or subpoenas). The Commonwealth of Virginia will send official notices such as annual reports to the registered agent, as well.

As stated in §13.1-1015 of the Code of Virginia, all business entities in the Commonwealth of Virginia are required to have a registered agent, sometimes referred to as a resident agent, with a physical street address in Virginia (no PO Boxes addresses allowed). This allows proper tracking of all legal mail in Virginia.

For example, if your company is sued, your Virginia registered agent will be the main point of contact for the state, and will ensure that your company is properly notified. Think of your registered agent as your gatekeeper.

Included: Our Virginia Business Address

Our registered agent services provide you with a huge privacy perk: a free Virginia business address. Our local competitors either cannot provide you the privacy you need, or can only offer you a virtual business address, usually at an extra cost.

You can use our business address for your formation documents and annual reports instead of using any of your members’ personal addresses. You can keep your personal addresses 100% private and out of the public eye, saving you from being preyed on by scammers, the hassle of never-ending piles of junk mail, and a bevy of other perks, such as zero address change hassle if you move and strengthened business credibility.

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Requirements of a Virginia Registered Agent

The requirements of the VA registered agent are:

  1. Maintain normal business hours at a business office (or registered office).
  2. Be available during those business hours to receive service of process.
  3. Have a physical address in Virginia (a PO Box is not acceptable).

Included in Virginia Registered Agent Service

  • A real Virginia resident agent. Our legal address is on every page of this website.
  • Business domain of your choice
  • Business website, email address, and phone service
  • Use of our Virginia business address to protect your privacy.
  • A secure online account you can log into at any time to view, download and/or store your important Virginia documents or track your annual report due dates.
  • Documents scanned and uploaded immediately into your online account.
  • Email notifications to alert you when we scan and upload new documents to your account.
  • Reminders to file your required Virginia annual reports.
  • Instantly available forms and instructions for corporate filings with the State of Virginia, pre-populated with our VA registered agent service information.
  • Resources to help run your business, such as information on taxes, filing annual reports, and how to make filings with the State Corporation Commission.
  • You can add our filing service in your online account if you need to do a Virginia corporate filing but decide to not do it yourself.

Order Your Virginia Registered Agent Service

To order our registered agent service, use our Virginia registered agent order form. You’ll be immediately logged into your secure online account and have all the necessary forms pre-populated with our Virginia registered agent information on them so you can make your filings with the Virginia State Corporations Commission immediately. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have what you need, and understand what to do with it.

If you are looking to change your registered agent to us, there is no charge, and you can do it online instantly.

Reasons For a Virginia Business Address

  • Privacy. Don’t let your personal or office addresses end up on the Virginia Secretary of State website for all the world to see, including scammers and marketers.
  • No address change hassle when you move. Trust us—there is no streamlined process for a business address change. You’ll have to update your address with several different agencies every time you move, and it is a time-intensive task.
  • Credibility. Create a great first impression and maintain the appearance of professionalism with our Virginia business address. Often, a personal address can give the appearance of an amateur business.
  • Permanence. Establish a lasting presence by using our Virginia business address indefinitely. When you change business addresses often, it will be reflected to the public on the Secretary of State website.
  • Lease or Homeowner Association rules. You may not be allowed to use your home address as a business address.
  • Zoning restrictions. Your city municipality also may not allow businesses to list their home addresses as a business office.
  • Liability issues. There is potential for “piercing the corporate veil,” which makes you personally liable for business debts, if you use your personal address as your business address. In order for liability protection to be permissible, you must keep your personal and business activities separate.

Our Virginia Business Formation Services

We offer quick LLC and corporation formation services for a great price. Here’s a brief outline of our LLC formation costs:

  • $49 – 1 year of registered agent service
  • $100 – Our business formation filing fee
  • $103 – State filing fee

Visit our Virginia LLC formation or Virginia incorporation page for detailed information. Already have an out-of-state company and plan to do business in the Commonwealth? Visit our Foreign Virginia LLC or Foreign Virginia Corporation pages.

Hire Virginia Registered Agents Today
We are a real registered agent in Virginia. We aren’t a big company, but we have the experience and resources to get the job done for you, fast, reliably, and without hidden fees and red tape. Our friendly paralegals are available by phone to answer questions about our VA registered agent service.

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