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by Virginia Registered Agent Services LLC

Virginia Business Address

A Virginia business address is a physical address that you can use anywhere on your business formation documents where an address is required. In Virginia, the business formation documents that you file with the Virginia Secretary of Commonwealth are public filings, so the addresses you list become part of the public record. If you work remotely or don’t have a commercial office just yet, it’s a good idea to choose a business address that:

  • projects a professional business image
  • protects your personal information

Instead of using your personal addresses, you can use our Virginia business address for FREE when you sign up for our services. We are the only local registered agent service that can offer you our legal, permanent professional business address as part of your service at no extra cost.

Get a Registered Agent $49/yr

Business Address for Virginia Mail Forwarding

Our registered agent service includes free use of our business address and 3 free scans of business mail. Need more? Here’s our selection of paid Virginia Mail Forwarding and Virtual Office options:

  Standard Package ($49/yr) Deluxe Package ($99/yr) Virtual Office ($19/mon)
Business Address
Mail Scans Included +10 +25 Unlimited
Secure Online Account
Same-Day Mail Scans
Unique Suite Number
Virginia Office Lease    
Conference Room Access     Option to Rent
Virginia Phone Service 90 days free 90 days free

For $49 per year, our registered agent service includes same-day scanning of your registered agent mail at no additional cost. That’s our job as your registered agent—to accept your state and legal correspondence. We also include use of our Virginia business address on your public filings because that’s just a perk we can offer by being a local service. We operate as a local Virginia registered agent service with a real commercial address, so you’re not just getting a PO box when you hire us. You’re getting a reliable professional business address.


And we offer so much more to help streamline your business operation. From web tools and phone services to solidify your Virginia business presence to robust paid mail forwarding services, we can offer unmatched solutions for your company’s needs.

Virginia Mail Forwarding

With Virginia Mail Forwarding, get a Virginia mailing address for your business with an additional 10 pieces of regular mail forwarded for just $49/yr or 25 pieces for $99/year. All of our paid mail forwarding packages include a unique suite number in our building that you can list on your website or business cards, along with same-day scanning so that your mail is immediately accessible once uploaded to your online account.

Virginia Virtual Office

Our Virginia Virtual Office is our most comprehensive business solution: get unlimited mail forwarding at a unique suite number in our building, along with a month-to-month office lease you can take to the bank and the option to rent conference rooms. All for just $19/month.

Get Mail Forwarding or Virtual Office Service!

Why Do I Need a Virginia Business Address?

In Virginia, business formation documents often require you to list either your principal office address or director’s addresses. For instance, when you start a new Virginia LLC, you’ll need to include a principal office address. Similarly, forming a corporation in Virginia requires listing the addresses of initial directors on your formation documents (the principal office address is optional). This might seem simple enough for most—just list your office or personal address and move on, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. You are agreeing to more than you realize. There are several heavy implications when you put your office or personal addresses on your formation paperwork:

  • Your formation documents are publicly available online for any client or random person to find
  • You can look forward to getting a bevy of junk mail for years to come
  • You will have to update your documents every time you move (costing you time and money)

For a number of reasons, listing any of your own addresses on your formation paperwork isn’t ideal. That’s where our Virginia business address comes into play. As your Virginia registered agent, we do more than just scan your mail—we help you better maintain your privacy and a stable business appearance by listing our address instead of yours.

Reasons to Use Our Virginia Business Address

We’re an experienced local Virginia registered agent service. Our permanent address assures you of a stable and reliable business address, and we can offer you several key advantages:

  • Privacy. Don’t let your personal or office addresses end up on the Virginia Secretary of State website for all the world to see, including scammers and marketers. If you hire us to form your business, we list our address on your documents as your Virginia business address.
  • No address change hassle when you move. Trust us—there is no streamlined process for a business address change. You’ll have to update your address with several different agencies every time you move, and it is a time-intensive task. We’re local registered agents, so our business address is stable and secure.
  • Credibility. Create a great first impression and maintain the appearance of professionalism with our Virginia business address. Often, a personal address can give the appearance of an amateur business. This is especially useful if you run your business from a residential address!
  • Lease or Homeowner Association rules. You may not be allowed to use your home address as a business address.
  • Permanence. Establish a lasting presence by using our Virginia business address indefinitely. When you change business addresses often, it will be reflected to the public on the Secretary of State website.
  • Zoning restrictions. Your city municipality also may not allow businesses to list their home addresses as a business office.
  • Liability issues. There is potential for “piercing the corporate veil,” which makes you personally liable for business debts, if you use your personal address as your business address. In order for liability protection to be permissible, you must keep your personal and business activities separate.

Hire us Today When you hire us to be your registered agent, start your LLC, or start your corporation, you will have access to our Virginia business address at no extra cost. Our business address will save you an incredible amount of time and sanity in your already-hectic life of being a business owner.  Our friendly and experienced staff are happy to answer any more questions you may have. Hire Virginia Registered Agent Services today!

Get Mail Forwarding or Virtual Office Service!

Virginia Business Address FAQ

Should I Use My Home Address for My Business?

In our opinion, every company can benefit in several different ways from using a business address instead of their personal home address.

That being said, there are many companies that especially benefit from using a business address. Below is a list of examples:

  • Start-up businesses
  • Home-based businesses
  • Remote workers
  • Traveling workers

Can My Virginia Company Use a Virtual Address?

You must use a physical address on your business formation documents submitted to the Virginia Secretary of State. So when you hire us to form your company, we list our physical address and ensure you can get the most value out of our physical address by offering mail forwarding options, a virtual office, and more.