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by Virginia Registered Agent Services LLC

Change Registered Agent

Is Your Virginia Registered Agent
Costing You Too Much?

Some companies promise low prices then charge hundreds of dollars after the first year. Not us. Virginia Registered Agent Services is the most professional and affordable commercial registered agent service in the state.

  • $49 Registered Agent Service
  • Local Expertise
  • FREE Mail Forwarding
  • FREE Business Address
  • Easy 5-minute sign-up process

How Do I Change Registered Agents in VA?

Changing your registered agent in Virginia requires filing a form called Statement of Change of a Registered Agent and/or Registered Office. This can be done online or by mail. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose Your Filing Method

The Virginia State Corporation Commission has two filing options. You can file online using the Clerk’s Information System, or via paper. To get the paper form, you need to submit an Online Forms Request.

2. Complete the Form

The form itself should include information about your business and current registered agent (auto-populated if you submit online), as well as your new registered agent. You’ll need to indicate whether your new registered agent is an individual or an entity, then provide name and address (“registered office”).

3. Submit the Form

If submitting online, you’ll fill in the required information then click the button on the bottom of the screen, “Add To Shopping Card.” You’ll confirm your information then submit. If submitting by mail, fill out the form that the State Corporation Commission sends to you then you can mail it back. This filing is free.

4. Accept Acknowledgment of Change

After you submit the Statement of Change form, the Virginia State Corporation Commission will confirm your new registered agent by sending you an Acknowledgment of Change.

We Can Do Everything For You

We’ll file Change of Agent paperwork for you when you hire us as your Virginia Registered Agent. In addition to professional service and local expertise, you get the use of our Business Address, as well as ongoing support.

Why are we so affordable? Because we care about helping businesses succeed—we don’t charge extra just for the fun of it. Our competitors promise low prices upfront, then charge hundreds of dollars down the line. Ridiculous.

With Virginia Registered Agent Services, you get what you need for your business without paying for anything you don’t.